Englewood Nurses Speak Out on Staffing at Bargaining Session

May 6, 2015

Local 5004 members came to the negotiations today to support the Negotiations Committee and to let the Medical Center know why we are determined to make improvements in our staffing language. The members spoke from their hearts and their experience as nursing professionals about why staffing needs to be improved at the hospital.

From the very beginning of contract negotiations last month with the Medical Center, the Local 5004 Negotiations Committee has emphasized that staffing is one of our most important proposals, along with successorship, continuing education, and several other issues.

Although we have made tremendous progress through the years in negotiating staffing language, including staffing ratios, staffing still is not adequate in the hospital. However, instead of seriously addressing our legitimate concerns, the Medical Center insists that they have always demonstrated a commitment to provide effective staffing.

Local 5004 members know the reality of the situation. We know what is like to try to take care of patients when we are understaffed. That is why, in very specific detail, members explained to the Medical Center how and why staffing must be improved.



Will the Medical Center listen? There are only three weeks left until the contract expires; it is time for the Medical Center to respond to our concerns and to negotiate in good faith on the staffing issue. We are determined to make progress on this issue.




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