HPAE Statement on the withdrawal of Andrew Puzder for Secretary of Labor

February 16, 2017

Upon the announcement of Andrew Pudzer’s withdrawal of his nomination for Secretary of Labor, healthcare workers applaud his decision to step down from this position that he is ill fitted to serve. As NJ’s largest union of healthcare professionals HPAE opposed Pudzer’s nomination raising concerns that under his leadership health and safety protections would be eroded placing patients and workers at risk of harm.

The nomination of Pudzer for Secretary of Labor whose record and policy positions are in stark contrast to past labor secretaries of labor does beg the question as to what is President Trump’s priority and will he nominate someone who will protect workers’ interest or just the interests of business.

After years of working to improve standards in our nation’s healthcare facilities we urge President Trump to take pause and consider the interests of health professionals who provide safe care in our nations’ hospital. Working families deserve to security that their government is enforcing standards so they can work in a safe environment.

Working families can celebrate today and yet we must continue to scrutinize any individual who is nominated to lead the Department of Labor.

Ann Twomey
HPAE President