Visiting Nurses Approve A New Contract To Retain And Recruit More Nursing Staff

Englewood – HPAE nurses working at the Visiting Nurse Association of Englewood and Barnabas Home Care have secured a new contract for 2 years following negotiations that lasted over several months.

Nurses provide care to patients in their own homes to ensure patients a level of comfort while providing cost effective care to keep patients out of costly treatment facilities.

At the bargaining table the nurses achieved improvements to help retain and recruit nurses in a field that is impacted by a nursing  shortage and must do more to have a team of experienced nursing professionals. Some key details to the new contract include:

  • 2% raise retroactive to 11/1/17 and a 1% raise on 11/1/18 among other salary and bonus increases
  • $12,000 a year in tuition reimbursement
  • Nurses will now have a protected schedule, to prevent overload of new patients at the end of a shift

“Following six months of working under an expired contract, our members are getting the respect they deserve,” said Ann Twomey, President of HPAE. “These nurses work all day to provide excellent care in the patient’s preferred setting, their home. With this new contract nurses will receive important quality of life wage and bonus increases, greater tuition reimbursement to expand their education, and protection from mandatory, unscheduled overtime. Now with a contract in place nurses can continue to provide stellar care with peace of mind.