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In 2018 over 4,000 health professionals are negotiating with multiple healthcare corporations for patient safety and workers’ rights across New Jersey. Patient safety and workers’ rights will top the agenda when HPAE nurses and health professionals begin bargaining with Hackensack Meridian Health, CarePoint Health, Englewood Medical Center and Hudson Regional Hospital. As New Jersey’s largest healthcare union, HPAE strives to not only ensure all healthcare workers are treated fairly and equitably by their employers, but also that patients receive safe and affordable treatment. With 13,000 members, HPAE nurses and health professionals are negotiating to bring improvements to the delivery and cost of healthcare for New Jersey residents, including:

  • Respect for workers’ voices in decisions that affect quality of care, including fair election procedures that empower non-union workers to stand together free from anti-worker campaigns, coordination between the locals and common expiration dates for all HPAE members in the HMH system to win the following issues:
    • Safe staffing protections for all bargaining unit members, including safe workloads, proper equipment, and training;
    • Improved access to healthcare providers;
    • Controls for rising out-of-pocket medical expenses and relief from medical debt;
    • Equitable wages for all bargaining unit members including a $15/hr minimum living wage; and
    • Enhanced patient safety measures.


Taking our fight to the community!
Aug 02 2018

As HMH continues to stall at the bargaining table in an attempt to wear down our negotiating committees with unreasonable and unsafe proposals, we, the members, are taking our message to the public.

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Local 5058 Button Days
Jun 15 2018

Local 5058 Says, “Button Up For A Fair Contract!” Beginning on June 1st, and carrying on through the month, members from Local 5058 are sending unity photos of departments buttoning up for a fair contract to be posted on our social

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Local 5030 negotiations update, June 8
Jun 08 2018

Our HPAE Local 5030 Negotiating Committee met with management on Friday. We continue to hold our position that we will not accept any proposed negative changes to benefits (PTO, Retirement, Raises, etc.)

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Update: Unreasonable Denial of PTO
Jun 07 2018

Everyone deserves a day off! Hackensack Meridian continues to unreasonably deny members the time off we earn and has not provided information necessary for pursuing our grievance.

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Local 5097 bargaining update, June 6
Jun 06 2018

Management seems to prefer a promise, wink, and crossed fingers over actual ratios in the contract to improve staffing so they won’t be held accountable when their staffing levels are unsafe.

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Local 5097 bargaining update, June 4
Jun 05 2018

Our HPAE Local 5097 Bargaining Committee held our fourth bargaining session with Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH) on Monday, fighting for quality, safety, and fairness at the Harborage.

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Rally for Healthcare
May 30 2018

The Nurses and Health Professionals at Hackensack Meridian Health are demanding that large corporation put patient care before corporate wealth.

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