HPAE Local 5185 at Bayonne Medical Center


We're Getting Ready for Negotiations

March 27, 2015

With contract negotiations starting next month, we're stepping up preparations for our contract campaign. Working with our sister HPAE local union at Christ Hospital, we've developed initial contract proposals. We have also formed Contract Action Teams (CATs) at both hospitals to provide information to the membership and to recruit members for contract campaign activities.

On Wednesday, March 25, we held a joint CAT meeting to discuss the key issues in the negotiations, important financial information about CarePoint, and membership activities during the campaign.

Photo below: CAT team members from both hospitals


Local 5185 Joins with Other HPAE Locals in Lobby Day

March 16, 2015

Lobby Day was a great success. Over 300 members of HPAE and other healthcare unions in the Coalition for Patients Rights and Safe Staffing (CPRSS) came to Trenton to talk to state legislators about the need for staffing legislation, including nurse to patient staffing ratios, which ensure quality care and patient safety.

HPAE members throughout the state of New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania were enthusiastic and excited to participate in Lobby Day. During the day, we held 23 meetings with state legislators, many of whom pledged their full support for a safe staffing bill.

Check out HPAE's Facebook page for more photos of Lobby Day


Members Ratify Contract Settlement

August 7, 2014

Yesterday, Local 5185 members  ratified a one year contract with CarePoint. The contract settlement includes staffing improvements and a hike in the employer's matching contribution to the 401k plan.

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Read a Summary of the Settlement


Bayonne and Christ Hospital HPAE Members Demand Safe Staffing, Fair Contracts at Rally

July 22, 2014

Local 5030 Bargaining Committee

At a rally and informational picketing held in front of the Bayonne Medical Center, HPAE members from Local 5185/Bayonne  and Local 5186/Christ Hospital joined together yesterday in a strong show of unity, demanding that their common employer - CarePoint Health - improve staffing in both hospitals and negotiate fair contracts.


For More on the Rally, Including Photos and Videos


Members Vote to Support Joint Rally, Informational Picketing on July 21

July 10, 2014

Local 5030 Bargaining Committee

Yesterday, Local 5185 members attended meetings throughout the day to discuss the status of negotiations with CarePoint and to vote on participating in a rally and informational picketing of the hospital on July 21.

Five bargaining sessions have been held so far. Local 5185 President John Bauer reviewed our key contract issues, including the need for better staffing amd restrictions on downstaffing. On the other hand, CarePoint is focusing on proposals that will reduce costs and increase their "flexibility".

John emphasized the need for us to work closely with our sister Local 5186, which represents RNs at Christ Hospital and is also bargaining with CarePoint for a contract.

Photo below: Local 5185 President John Bauer discussing contract issues.

Members gave overwhelming approval to conducting the rally and informational picketing. RNs from Local 5186/Christ Hospital will be joining us that day as we unite to gain good contracts at both hospitals.


Ubi unitas est, Victoria est

Januuary 31, 2014

The headline is Latin for "Where there is unity, there is victory." Our local and Local 5186/Christ Hospital  put that adage into action by conducting a successful joint sticker and button day action in preparation for our upcoming contract negotiations with CarePoint Health.

As you can see by the photos below, no matter which hospital or what the job title, every one was wearing their buttons and stickers, uniting to attain victory, to achieve our goals in the negotiations.

Bayonne Medical Center:

Christ Hospital:

Bayonne Medical Center:

Christ Hospital:

Bayonne Medical Center:

Christ Hospital:


Son of Local 5185 Members Receives Labor Scholarship Award

January 7, 2014

The annual Edward B. Pulver scholarship, sponsored by the Hudson County Central Labor Council (HCCLC), was awarded to Nicholas Santa Maria on October 26, 2013.  Nicholas is the son of Vinnie Santa Maria (Pharmacy) and Ronnie Santa Maria (SDS, PACU, ENDO).


The Edward B. Pulver scholarship has been set up to support college-bound youth of HCCLC affiliates and is usually awarded in the fall..

For more information on how you can apply, please contact the council at (201) 583- 1300 or http://www.laborcouncil.org/.or ibew164.org.


Successful Joint Contract Action Team Meeting 

November 7, 2013

At an enthusiastic and well-attended joint Contract Action Team (CAT) meeting yesterday, over 70 members of Local 5185/Bayonne Medical Center and Local 5186/Christ Hospital joined together to kick off our campaign to achieve good contracts with CarePoint Health, the common employer of members of both locals.

HPAE Public Policy Director Jeanne Otersen and HPAE Public Policy Staff Harriet Rubinstein provided CAT members with a thorough analysis of CarePoint's finances, business practices, and organizational structure. Photo below: Harriet's presentation.

HPAE President Ann Twomey addressed the meeting, urging coordinated action as the best way for the locals to achieve their contract objectives. Current Local 5185 President Donna Benjamin and newly-elected Local 5185 President John Bauer spoke at the meeting, as did Local 5186 President Nicole Mankowski. Photo below: Nicole, John, and Ann.

This is just the first of a series of joint action and events of the contract campaign. A joint action is being planned for early December. Stay tuned for more information about future activities.

Photos below from the CAT meeting:


Joint Contract Action Team Meeting Set For November 6

October 9, 2013

To prepare for upcoming contract negotiations, HPAE Locals 5185 (Bayonne) and 5186 (Christ Hospital) are holding a joint Contract Action Team & 2014 Contract Campaign Kickoff meeting on Wednesday, November 6, at Piccolino Ristorante in Bayonne.

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HPAE Supports Paid Sick Leave Bill in Jersey City

September 9, 2013

At a press conference hosted by Jersey City mayor Steve Fulop, HPAE joined with other labor unions, community groups, and activist organizations to support a bill that would require Jersey City employers with more than 10 employees to provide paid sick leave.

HPAE was represented by Local 5185 President Donna Benjamin, Local 5186 President Nicole Mankowski, Local 5147 memberJuan Sequinot, and Jean Pierce, HPAE Policy Staff.

Photos below: Top - Mayor Fulop speaking at the press conference; Middle - Nicole speaking at the press conference;  Bottom - Nicole and Juan.


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