We'd like to take a quick moment to wish our members a Happy New Year. And with the new year... we've received yet another self congratulatory email from Vivian Fernandez announcing wage increases for the non-union staff and the Teamsters.
On Tuesday, December 16th, our union negotiating committee met with management for the fourth time. Unfortunately, UH still has not seen fit to sit down and get the remainder of their proposals together for us. This is quite disappointing considering the fact that it had been over a month since we last met – more than ample time to put together their package for us. We know they have proposals forthcoming on moving from vacation/holiday/sick time to a PTO back; a new FMLA policy; and new language on discipline to name a few.
You are probably aware, the Teamsters union has recently reached an agreement with Rutgers for a four year contract that includes wage increases of 2.0% for the first three years and 2.25% for the final year as well as some modifications to their existing contract language. And, as we’ve previously suspected, management has also announced a 2% raise for the “non-aligned” staff (non-aligned staff, by the way, means non-union, and that includes management).