By Mark J. Magyar, NJSpotlight, November 25, 2014 Big question is whether Christie, Legislature set health-benefit payments or unions get back collective-bargaining rights. As Gov. Chris Christie’s Pension and Health Benefits Study Commission wrestles with the issue of how much public employees should pay toward their health insurance, New Jersey’s public-employee unions are focused not only on how much they will pay, but also on making sure they win back the right to collective bargaining on healthcare issues.
On Wednesday, November 19th, we had our fifth session with management. After giving a counter to their initial economic proposal, management came back with a revised offer: they moved a whopping 0.1% to 1.1% for an annual across the board increase, with no step movements in any of the years. We countered by moving down another half percent on our across the board demands – so the ball is now again in their court.
By now, you have all probably received the Rutgers Integration email from Vivian Fernandez, Rutgers Vice President for Faculty & Staff Resources, about the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) regarding alignment of Workforce Systems and Benefits and you may have a number of questions.
Newark Star Ledger, October 28, 2014 We are relieved that Governor Christie has freed Kaci Hickox from her inhumane and possibly illegal confinement to a tent behind Newark's University Hospital. Ms. Hickox, a heroic nurse and epidemiologist, returned to the U.S. last week after risking her own life to help stem the Ebola outbreak in West Africa by caring for infected patients as a member of a Doctors Without Borders team.