Local 5094 Updates

On July 1st, due to changes imposed by Governor Christie and the New Jersey State Legislature in 2011, most public employees participating in the New Jersey State Health Benefits Program (SHBP) will have to pay a higher rate towards the cost of their health insurance premium. The percentage rates are based on salary tiers and level of health insurance coverage and have been phased in over the past four years. Click here to view the plan rates for 2014.
In a first public action signaling a strong union coalition at the newly organized Rutgers, more than 200 union members rallied for fair contracts and respect for workers outside the Rutgers Board of Governors meeting in New Brunswick on June 19. With the merger of UMDNJ and Rutgers last year, 20,000 union members under 29 different union contracts now work at the University, including 2,500 HPAE professionals and registered nurses.
Taken from NorthJersey.com - June 18, 2014 Democratic leaders in the state Senate want New Jersey’s wealthiest residents and its corporations to pay higher taxes so the state can make a promised contribution into the public employee pension system.
Taken from NJ.com - June 18, 2014 The board overseeing the largest public-employee pension fund in New Jersey today voted to sue Gov. Chris Christie over his plan to take $2.4 billion meant for the pension system over two years, acting in response to more than 10,000 letters submitted by public workers worried about the financial security of their retirement plans.
Taken from the Political State blog on NorthJersey.com - June 13, 2014 A bill that Democrats say would guard against “irresponsible” plans to outsource government services is heading to Governor Christie’s desk. The bill, which passed the Assembly 48-30 today, would forbid privatization unless real cost savings could be shown. In addition, the work environment, including wages would have to stay the same or be better than the public sector and there would also be public disclosure requirements.