Local 5094 Updates

On Thursday, August 28th, we met with management along with our sister unions for our quarterly Coalition Labor Management meeting. At this meeting we learned the following:
Rutgers' entry into the Big Ten is a thrilling milestone for me -- both as an alum and as a Scarlet Knights football player. But I want to call attention to something that's getting a bit less play these days: the thousands of women and men who every day make Rutgers University a great place to learn, play and grow.
On August 19, 2014 our HPAE - Rowan/SOM Labor Management Committee met with management from the University for our first Labor Management meeting since the dissolution of UMDNJ. Present from the Union:Tammy DelleFave, Lori Galiano, Mary Kosciuk and HPAE Staff Rep, Christine Munck. Present for management: Ken Kuerzi and Henry Oh from Labor Relations and Josh Lubin, COO-SOM and James Lovegrove, Facilities.
As you may have heard, some HPAE members at University Hospital received layoff notices last week due to "budget constraints" at the Hospital. In total, ten HPAE professionals and one staff nurse were laid-off. In addition, there was approximately twenty Teamsters and at least one CWA supervisor laid-off. At this time, management has not informed us of any additional anticipated layoffs. Know your rights: Our HPAE union contract provides layoff rights.
Our HPAE Local 5094 bargaining committee is meeting with Rutgers administration this morning in New Brunswick. This is our first official bargaining session with the University since the dissolution of UMDNJ and we are looking forward to productive negotiations. Earlier this year, HPAE members completed over 1,000 surveys at Rutgers indicating our priorities for a new contract. Top of the list are job security, fair wages and parity including tuition remission and cost of parking.