Based on communication we received from CWA this afternoon, we understand that our brothers and sisters in the DCP&P Local offices have postponed their planned job action due to the State conceding to demands for enhanced security. Faced with the threat of a statewide walkout, the State has begun to assign armed guards to offices across the state and has presented CWA leadership with an expedited plan for expanded security.
By now, you are likely already aware of the life-threatening attack in November on a DCF worker at the Camden office of the Division of Children Protection and Permanency. Be advised that State workers, represented by their union, CWA, have informed DCF that they will not be working on Tuesday, December 2nd if their demand to have every office secured by an armed guard with a hand-held metal detector is not met by Monday, December 1st.
On Tuesday, December 9, 2014, join hundreds of faculty, students and staff at 12:00 Noon for an indoor rally with elected officials at the Rutgers Student Center Multipurpose Room located at 126 College Avenue in New Brunswick.
By Mark J. Magyar, NJSpotlight, November 25, 2014 Big question is whether Christie, Legislature set health-benefit payments or unions get back collective-bargaining rights. As Gov. Chris Christie’s Pension and Health Benefits Study Commission wrestles with the issue of how much public employees should pay toward their health insurance, New Jersey’s public-employee unions are focused not only on how much they will pay, but also on making sure they win back the right to collective bargaining on healthcare issues.