American Red Cross Joint Leadership Meeting Update - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

American Red Cross Joint Leadership Meeting Update

This week we met with management for our National Joint Leadership meeting (JLT) and we also had our National Labor Management meeting.
At our JLT meeting management realized they need input from front line staff to make their business run better. They would like for staff to join these committee’s, since you are out there and know how things should operate.

The current committees are:

  • JBEC- Joint business education committee. This committee writes news articles.
  • Late start committee-this committee deals with trying to resolve late starts.
  • Courier committee-this committee works on reducing the number of couriers used.
  • Power Red committee-works on ways to increase the number of power reds we collect.
  • Involvement committee-this group is just being put together, their main goal is to get staff more involved.

If you are interested in one of the committees please let Judy or myself know so we can add you to one of the committees.

In our national labor management meeting we discussed:

  • Health and Safety issues in fixed sites and mobils.
  • Cross training and its impact on the bargaining unit.
  • Doubles Pay-the region will send out a memo explaining what is going on. They have come up with a paycode Dom can use to enter hours for the doubles. This paycode will not apper on your paycheck, but it allows Dom to put your time in correctly. They are currently running test on this pay code, and if it works out the region plans on having everyone paid out by the end of next month.
  • Our next meeting with management will be on 9/11.

Renee Conyers