Reimbursement and Supply Change Survey for Local 5058 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Reimbursement and Supply Change Survey for Local 5058

A growing number of issues related to receiving reimbursements for conference and certification costs have come to light. Membership also reports changes to the brands of supplies and materials used to deliver patient care are making jobs harder and patient experiences worse. To gather information about how broadly this effects members and your work, please complete the following questions.

    Reimbursement Issues

    Are you having an issue getting reimbursed for a certification or conference? (required)

    Please provide more information about your experience including name, date of the event and if you have brought this to your manager. What steps did you take?

    Supply and Materials Issues

    Have you seen a change in materials in your work area? (for example the brand of syringe used) (required)

    Provide more information here - Include the name of the previous brand used and the current as well as how you use this material and the approximate date of the change.

    What if any is the effect on your work related to patient care or effective usefulness of the material by the change of brand/ material? For example, when we use the new brand of diapers the patients are showing increased cases of diaper rash.