American Red Cross Negotiations Update, November 13 2017 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

American Red Cross Negotiations Update, November 13 2017

Hello Brothers and Sisters!

We are currently in talks with the region on several topics:

  • Cross Training
  • Market Adjustment
  • Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)
  • Guaranteed Hours
  • Pay

Cross Training

We continue to talk, and we are working to reach an agreement with the region. At this point we have put in a cease and desist request (locally and nationally) until we have a written agreement with the two unions (HPAE and the teamsters) and management. Until then the region will continue to train and sign staff off, but they can not utilize these staff until we have a written agreement.

Market Adjustment

A market adjustment is NOT a raise! It increase the starting salary so the company is more likely to retain more staff.

The region is currently trying to bring the starting rate up so they are able to hire more staff. With the amount of work they are requiring new staff to do, the region went to look at what the starting rate should be for a person doing two different jobs at the same time.

We are currently still trying to work this issue out.


For many years now the PIP has been used, recently the region has notified us the would like to make this a discipline if you have too many. We have put in a demand to bargain. Nothing will change until we have an agreement.

Be careful and mindful of your work!

Guaranteed Hours

Recently the region has stop guaranteeing hours for apheresis staff. We met with the region to express our concerns, and we are currently waiting on a response.


At our last JLT meeting Judy brought up the fact our pay is wrong almost every pay period. The region has agreed to reach out to their payroll department to see if they can get someone to come in and explain our checks to us.Once we hear something we will let everyone know.


We have many committees, including Health and Safety, Member Engagement and an Ideal Drive Committee that’s working on issues with staffing at the drives .Please take the time to be a part of one of these committees. We need everyone involved if we are going to win on these issues. Contact Judy or me for more information

In Solidarity,


Renee Conyers