A Hero Among Us - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

A Hero Among Us

Please help me acknowledge and thank our very own RN Washington Villacres.

He made the trip to Puerto Rico recently, with RNs from HPAE and other unions to help the people of Puerto Rico recover from the devastation of Hurricane Maria. Many of you inquired to go and wanted to, including myself, but were unable due to children, work, or financial strain. No mission in healthcare is ever easy on the volunteer unfortunately. I know our RNs wished they could be there, too. Nurses run to danger, not away from it.

Washington made the trip to help those in such serious distress as the people of Puerto Rico still are. It’s a scary thing to do, especially when young to our profession and I am personally so proud of him. As a volunteer, he had to deal with very difficult conditions.

Please join me in thanking him or giving him a wink and a nod when you see him around at work.

Nicole Mankowski,
HPAE Local 5186 President