CarePoint Health BMC HPAE Local 5185 – Bargaining Update May 25, 2018 Five Bargaining Sessions with Management Held to Date

CarePoint Management has proposed the following:

  • On-call shifts will be for patient needs, not emergencies -removal of protections for nurses with 25 years of service against floating
  • The ability to change your shift permanently (with 30 days notice) or temporarily, at management’s discretion

CarePoint Management has rejected Union proposals on the following:

  • Expanding Bonus Shifts to non-nursing employees (RNs currently can receive an extra $20 per hour for shifts where staff is needed)
  • Increased notice time for layoffs and outsourcing
  • The reinstatement of a modest uniform allowance ($100 for full timers and $50 for part timers)
  • Protections against layoffs and outsourcing

On May 22nd’s bargaining session, we presented our Staffing proposals to management. The current contract has nurse to patient ratios, and we proposed, safe staffing ratios and levels for non-nursing areas all over the hospital. CarePoint has had ten profitable years, we are fighting to share the economic gains the owners have enjoyed. We have not started discussions on wages, retirement and health insurance.

Major Operational Changes and CarePoint’s Continued Outsourcing

Renal Dialysis Outsourcing: HPAE members received notice of a layoff as CarePoint has outsourced Renal Dialysis to Fresenius. However, the Fresenius entity that will be taking over outpatient dialysis at BMC is partly owned by CarePoint. This raises concerns that management is avoiding the union contract through another entity.

Peri-op: CarePoint also wants to make drastic changes to the way the peri-operative areas function. This could result in layoffs. We will fight to protect patient safety and jobs for all our members.

Upcoming Bargaining Dates

Tuesday May 29, Friday June 1

Monday June 11, Tuesday June 12

Location: St. Andrew’s Convent

132 Broadway (at 5th Street)

Bayonne, NJ 07002

1st Joint Session with Christ Hospital

Wednesday June 13 Christ Nurses are HPAE members and their contract also expires on June 30

Membership Meetings

Wednesday June 6, 2018 Location TBA

8am 10am 12pm 2pm 4pm 6pm 8pm

A vote will be held to authorize concerted activity up to and including a strike