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Peds RNs Stand Up For Their Patients

On Wednesday, May 16th members from HPAE attended University Hospital’s Community Oversight Board meeting to protest management’s decision to close the pediatric inpatient units.  In addition, members from CWA, Teamsters, pediatric residents and several community activists also attended the meeting in support of the registered nurses from the pediatric units that have been resisting this issue since February 1st, which is when management first announced their decision. Several members spoke during the public comment section of the meeting and offered impassioned pleas for management to reconsider their decision citing the negative impact that will be had on the families of Newark.  Management attempted to placate our concerns with vague responses on one hand while attempting to justify their decision on the other. John Kastanis, CEO ultimately decided to defer the vote to close the pediatric units however the fight has not been won.

HPAE along with the joint labor coalition at UH will be hosting a continental breakfast with many of the local elected officials tomorrow morning. We invite our members to attend and voice your concerns regarding the Hospital’s plans to dismantle the pediatric inpatient program. The details are as follows:

Friday, May 18th
Medical Science School
Rosemary Gellene Room [B515]