The Harborage Local 5097 And Palisades Local 5030 Kick Off Bargaining For New Contract This Week

MEMBER UPDATE #1 – May 11, 2018

Our HPAE sisters and brothers at The Harborage and Palisades started bargaining this week for successor contracts. Locals 5030 and 5097 members, alongside Jersey Shore Local 5058 and Southern Ocean Local 5138, are fighting for fair and just new contracts with HMH. Our proposals will give our members what they deserve while protecting our patients.

  • A common expiration date for all four HPAE locals This week HPAE & HMH agreed to extend the collective bargaining agreement until midnight, June 29, 2018 (contract extension) and the parties agreed that any across the board wage increase for 2018 will be retroactive back to May 17 for Harborage and May 31 for Palisades.
  • Staffing improvements throughout the facilities for quality patient care
  • A fair process between HPAE and HMH for workers to form and join a union of their choice
  • A $15/hour living wage
  • Protections against medical debt for HMH union members

We know that Hackensack Meridian has the resources to provide these improvements for our members while also protecting patient safety.

HPAE Locals 5030, 5097, 5058 and 5138 members are standing together to show management we want fair contracts and are ready to act!