HPAE Locals 5135/5089 UCHC contract negotiations update with Rutgers, July 12

On Thursday, July 12th, we had our fifth negotiations session with Rutgers/UCHC. Due to the fact that Management has failed to respond to the information request that we sent to them on May 15th – and resent on July 5th – we were not able to respond to Management proposals, nor were we able to present any further proposals of our own. We informed Management that unless they provided the requested information, we would be filing an unfair practice charge with the Public Employee Relations Commission (Please note: we already have an outstanding unfair practice charge over Rutgers’ failure to provide requested information related to the RWJ-Barnabas affiliation).

HPAE continues to work in solidarity with the other unions at Rutgers to demand transparency and accountability from Rutgers and RWJ Barnabas and to protect workers and patients as Rutgers as RWJ Barnabas continue with plans to affiliate.

We also notified Management that we would be filing a charge over Rutgers’ violation of the recently passed Workplace Democracy Enhancement Act.

Our next negotiations sessions are scheduled for August 14th and August 22nd.

As always, thank you for all your support and make sure to stay connected to your Union Rep for more updates.