Local 5105 HPAE State Convention Delegate List - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5105 HPAE State Convention Delegate List

The nomination and elections for HPAE Convention delegates has concluded. All nominees are running unopposed and therefore our Nominations and Election Committee has cast one ballot on behalf of the entire slate of delegates.  All candidates are deemed elected by acclimation. We congratulate the slate of delegates and look forward to them representing our union together at our upcoming convention.

The following members have been elected to serve as delegate at our HPAE State Federation Convention October 5th, 2018:

  • ​Sheryl Mount
  • Beth M. Cohen
  • Susan Lanis
  • Bonnie Terwilliger
  • Lorraine M. Thone
  • Deborah White
  • Dana-Ann Hughes
  • Deborah Jacobs-Barbour
  • JoAnn Repici
  • Kathleen Bridgewater
  • Kristine Thomas-Anderson
  • Phyllis Okwaisie
  • Rosemary Mishra
  • Adebola Adeniran
  • Gina Bruno
  • Lora Joanne Carberry
  • Annette M Cieri
  • Natalie Craig
  • Anna E. Deane
  • Amani Myers
  • Jessica D. Storicks
  • Tiffany Olivia Nelson
  • Melody Schantz
  • Claudia Storicks
  • Dawn Jones
  • Megan Kennedy

HPAE LOCAL 5105 NOMINATIONS/ELECTION COMMITTEE: Beth Cohen, Kelli Zambetti, Molly Kirkpatrick and Jeffrey David Ball, jball@hpae.org (HPAE Staff Representative)