Notice of 2018 Nominees for HPAE State Officers - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Notice of 2018 Nominees for HPAE State Officers

The HPAE Nomination and Election Committee is pleased to announce the following candidates for the offices of HPAE President, First Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer:

HPAE President:
Debbie White
Former President
HPAE Local 5105
Virtua Memorial Hospital

HPAE First-Vice President:
Barbara Rosen
Current HPAE Secretary/Treasurer
HPAE Local 5091
New Bridge Medical Center

HPAE Secretary/Treasurer:
Alexis Rean-Walker
Current Co-President
HPAE Local 5094
Rutgers University

The Nomination period closed on August 10, 2018. All nomination petitions received were reviewed and deemed properly filed in accordance to the rules for nomination.

The Nomination and Election Committee will present our report, and an election will be held by delegates at the 2018 HPAE Convention on Friday, October 5, 2018 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Upon election, candidates elected to office will serve in the positions for a three-year term of office.

In accordance with election rules, candidate statements will be posted on the HPAE website, and shared with delegates at the convention.

In Solidarity,

HPAE Nomination and Election Committee
Sheryl Mount, Committee Chairperson, Local 5105
John Bauer, Committee Member, Local 5185
Doris Bell, Committee Member, Local 5118
Bernie Gerard Jr., Committee Member, HPAE First-Vice President