HPAE Local 5089 RNs: Flu vaccine update - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE Local 5089 RNs: Flu vaccine update

October 26, 2018

Members have been advised that they must provide proof that they have been vaccinated against the flu by November 30th or that they have an approved religious or medical exemption or they will be subject to termination. According to the Hospital, members must provide documentation prior to November 1st if they plan to seek an exemption and must await a response as to the outcome of their decision to grant or deny the request.

Members are entitled to either request a religious exemption or a medical exemption however a release form which would allow the Hospital to discuss your medical conditions with your provider is a huge concern for HPAE.

It is our position that the Hospital’s demand to review a member’s medical records is a clear violation of one’s rights. At this time, there are no other requirements for a religious exemption as far as we know. HPAE has notified University Hospital of our request to bargain the impact of the new Prevention of Influenza Policy as we take issue with management’s extreme position related to discipline on this matter.

We will provide additional information as details develop but you should feel free to contact your local union rep should you require any further assistance.