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Tentative Agreements Ratified – Summary of Contract Changes

On Sunday September7th, our members voted to ratify both the national and local tentative agreements that included an 8% raise over three years, better healthcare coverage and no givebacks on travel time, mileage, and guaranteed hours. This is a big victory for our local, and it happened because we came together and fought. Let’s continue to build momentum so we can win even greater victories in the future.

Here is a summary of the contract changes:

  • No givebacks on Travel Time, Mileage and Guaranteed Hours!
  • Inclement weather – Language was added to give members the ability to reject reassignments after they are reassigned once.
  • Cost Savings Team – new language added that implements a joint labor management team to bring down costs in the region
  • Reserves – The reserve position is eliminated.
  • Scheduling and Staffing – Provision that limits the number of 7 hour drives was eliminated.
  • Overtime Reassignment – Management can reassign members who bid for overtime to a site closer to their house.
  • Technology Training – Management will have the right to train staff on MCS technology by site seniority. Training and compensation for all new technologies and procedures will be bargained.
  • Wages – Agreed to replace current language with new 8% wage increases in the National Addendum and eliminate old language.
  • Language that no longer applies due to the National Addendum was eliminated in: PTO, Catastrophic Sick Leave and Scheduling and Staffing