Local 5089 Rutgers RNs Contract Update, December 21 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5089 Rutgers RNs Contract Update, December 21

Our HPAE Local 5089 Negotiating Committee met with Rutgers University for a bargaining session with Rutgers University on December 17, 2018.

We arrived at the session ready to work, especially since Rutgers cancelled our December 12thsession. We quickly learned that Rutgers would not be prepared to respond to our wage proposal before the session began. We reminded Rutgers that we provided a counter to their responses at our 11/27 session for the Staff Nurses, Nurse Clinicians, and APNs. We still have not received a written counter from Rutgers for the CRNAs since our initial wage proposal was presented in September.

Despite all of this, Rutgers maintained they were not prepared nor would they be presenting a wage counter at this session.

As a team we were very disappointed in Rutgers lack of preparedness that prevented us from having a productive session today. We informally accepted a counter proposal from the University on FMLA and stated we would consider our counter while working on a response to our Clinical Ladder.

As of right now, we do not have another session with Rutgers scheduled as management stated they would send us dates to meet in the New Year.

We continue to fight together for all members of the bargaining unit for job security, wages, and a fair contract.

Next bargaining session: TBD

We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.

In Solidarity,

Local 5089 Negotiations Committee

Makeda Burr, Janice Fitzgerald, Jennifer Lerner, Bruno Beja-Umukoro, Hansatu Nanguang, and Josephine Machado