Statement of Debbie White, President, on the Monitor’s Report on the Assessment of University Hospital

December 10, 2018

As the last standing public hospital in New Jersey, University Hospital should be recognized for its role as a leading healthcare institution in our state. Considering the findings in the Monitor’s report, HPAE urges lawmakers and hospital leadership to heed the recommendations of the monitor, Judith Persichilli. Steps must be taken to restore the hospital’s ability to provide quality care; cutting edge services and research; and to play an integral role in the community by honoring its mission to serve the needs of the community above all else. As health professionals, we applaud the extensive analysis provided in the report that we hope will steer the hospital in the right direction. We understand there are complex challenges that make this task difficult, therefore we urge State regulators and hospital leadership to work with the staff and the community to find solutions and set a clear path forward. HPAE looks forward to working with elected officials, administration and board members to restore the hospital as an institution that provides quality care and is valued as a resource for the entire community. As frontline caregivers, HPAE members will continue to advocate alongside community members to assure patients that their safety and access to care will remain a priority and demand the state make a commitment to fully invest in University Hospital.

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