Bargaining Update for Local 5094 Rutgers University, February 8 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Bargaining Update for Local 5094 Rutgers University, February 8

  • Your HPAE negotiations committee put together a package of the major job security issues that need to be settled in this contract including Federal Medical Leave (FMLA), seniority, the Barnabas partnership, and adding bumping rights to more job series.
  • We made it clear to Rutgers that it is unacceptable that they are holding fair wage increases hostage in exchange for major concessions on FMLA. Instead, we insist that they drop their proposals to gut our job protections and agree to language protecting us from anticipated layoffs and privatization as a result of the Rutgers/Barnabas merger before we can consider any concessions on FMLA.
  • We presented another wage counter that includes yearly step increases as well as across the board raises.
  • With all the major contract issues packaged together and on the table, it is now imperative for all HPAE members to put pressure on Rutgers to actually negotiate in good faith and agree on a fair contract.

We are calling on all members to turn out to the Rutgers Board of Governors meeting on Tuesday, February 12th 1pm (Winants Hall, 7 College Ave, New Brunswick) to demand a fair contract.

The next Contract Action Team meeting is Wednesday, February 13th 12pm and 1pm on the Newark Campus, MSB, B609 b&c.

Our next sessions are Wednesday, March 6th and Wednesday, March 25th.

In Solidarity,

HPAE 5094 Negotiations Committee

Tom Murphy, Mendes Toussaint, Mary Doran, Justin O’Hea, Phil Wilson, Alicia Rivera, Ryan Novosielski, Claude Monken, Antoinette Johnson, Ana Delgado, Lisa Adams, Annette Werts & Beverly Fraietta