HPAE Local 5089 RNs Bargaining Update, April 14 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE Local 5089 RNs Bargaining Update, April 14

On Tuesday, April 9th, HPAE met with UH for another bargaining session that resulted in several tentative agreements clarifying contract language and other housekeeping issues. HPAE presented language that will memorialize the benefits outlined in the new Earned Sick Leave Act that was signed into law October 2018 as well as language to eliminate the requirement to force our members to make up any unscheduled absence of regularly scheduled weekend shift.

Management presented a proposal to eliminate the shift differential for those members that were hired after July 1, 2013 unless the majority of the scheduled hours of the member’s shift occur after 3p and before 6a. HPAE immediately responded with outrage at management’s attempt to take money away from our members that work 7a-7p, which would be a concession for many of our senior members.

The next bargaining date is scheduled for Monday, May 6th, however we are also requesting that our members make every effort to attend the upcoming Community Oversight Board meeting as follows:

Wednesday, April 24th
10:00 am
University Hospital Conference Room on D-Level 230

In Unity,

HPAE Local 5089 Negotiation Committee

Cynthia McDougall, Wendy Bobcombe, Cynthia Baez-Lugo, Banita Herndon, Wanda Caudle, Dorene Dougan