Inspira RNs United for Quality Care: Negotiations Update, April 11

We had our second day of bargaining with the hospital yesterday. Inspira gave us 11 proposals and counter-proposals for non-nursing and non-economic articles of our contract. We were also able to identify and agree on articles of the contract neither party is going to be proposing changes to going forward.

Most of the nursing directors were at a conference and not in attendance at yesterday’s session. Our next date for negotiations is April 17th and we expect to receive more proposals and responses at that time from Inspira, particularly concerning staffing.

The next session will be held at the Wingate Hotel in Vineland. Members are encouraged to attend. Please arrive by 9:30 am if you plan to be there.

Wingate: 2196 W Landis Ave, Vineland 08360

Local 5131 Bargaining Team
Dana Barrett, Vineland NICU
Caroline Sands, Elmer ICU
Kelly Fordyce, ED
Karen Bailey, Vineland SICU
Tracy Sheppard, Cath Lab

Local 5621 Bargaining Team
April Ferrara, ICU
Tracy Cefaratti, ICU
Liz Hice, 4th Floor
Michele Carey, 5PW
Colleen Kupsey, Peds
Art Matthews, BHU
Julia Carotenuto-Sutton, Cath Lab