Local 5106 Labor Management Minutes, January 22, 2019 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5106 Labor Management Minutes, January 22, 2019

Labor-Management/Safety Meeting  

March 26, 2019

Episcopal Campus, MAB 213

Attendance:  Betsy Nulty, Sue Clements, Yasser El-Khatib, Luann Kline, Clara Galati, Jeanine Penn, Pat Spinosi, Joan Schiavo


Review of minutes of 1/22/19

  • Two new uniforms per fiscal year will be provided to Nurses in ED, C6, CRC and the techs in CRC. Management will try to arrange times for the company to be on campus for the staff to order their uniforms.
  • Still having issues with CRC patients in the ER waiting room either waiting for a cab or waiting to go up to CRC. There needs to be some identifying tag for these patients.  Per Yasser, patient should be escorted to CRC as soon as a rover is available.  CRC patients should not be waiting for a cab in the ER waiting room or the lobby.
  • City has announced plans for a safe injection site that will not be on our campus. Larry Kaiser, TUHS CEO, is a strong proponent of the safe injection site.

Agenda Items

Patient causing issues in the ED

  • Kyle Hall, Melissa Centeno, Anthony Gonzalez, Jose Aldea
  • Violence, theft, repeat visits, using drugs in the ER bathroom
  • Yasser suggests developing a written care plan for each patient, communicating such to all staff members and being consistent.
  • In dealing with this type of patient in CRC, the doctor would greet them at the door, assess them and quickly discharge
  • Staff must be willing to press charges to send a message that assaultive behavior will not be tolerated.

Increased violence in the ER:    Nurse whipped with EKG wires this weekend

  • ART training helps to de-escalate patients
  • Nurse should press charges; In one incident the nurse filed charges and the person was sentenced to three years
  • Signs are posted in the ER that assaulting healthcare workers is a felony
  • Temple Main ER has less issues; they can send patient to a city run urgent care around the corner

Pool/Agency Weekend Requirements

  • Consistently short staffed on Friday and the weekend
  • Tier one pool requirements are being revised to include some WE requirement
  • Bonuses will no longer be offered to the pool staff

Hands on training in the computer lab for new computer entry  (kronos)

  • It is difficult to grasp the concepts without hands on practice.
  • In terms of Kronos, trainers felt computer lab not necessary
  • Trainers have been going unit to unit to demonstrate first hand, answer questions,

Assist with entries

  • This service should also be available to the night shift.
  • Yasser will see about arranging that

Competency Day for Psych & Med Surg

  • Helping staff respond more confidently in a medical emergency.
  • What to do till RR team arrives…scenarios etc
  • Code Cart review

Lab issues

  • Sue Murphy, educator, is presently working on competency for Strep POC testing in the ER
  • Could rapid flu also be done in the ER?
  • There can be a 24 hours or more wait for Flu results especially on WE when there is one routine run per day.  Flu swabs should  be sent stat.  Pat, lab manager, can arrange more frequent runs to Temple in necessary.

ER sanitation

  • Roaches in the nurses lounge. Exterminator comes weekly.  Trash chute in cleaned twice a week.  Staff will not keep  food/condiments in containers.  Environmental will need to clean out all food stuff.
  • Bathroom in the lounge not cleaned; trash needs to be emptied on a regular basis

Review of short staffing forms

  • ER continues to experience the most staffing problems, but we acknowledge the efforts that have been made to correct it.
  • One to one coverage frequently causes units to work short staffed.
  • Three nurses are now being assigned on behavioral units, except for 11-7 shift on C4 and PM4.
  • Some units are flexible with nurses out on the units; some units the nurses rarely leave the nurses’ station or med room.
  • Management: we are working on filling vacancies and increasing pool staff especially to cover vacations.  Eight people have been recently terminated.  People need to step up and do their jobs.