Local 5091 Negotiations Update: We have an MOA! - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5091 Negotiations Update: We have an MOA!

On Wednesday, May 15th, we had our eleventh negotiations session with management. The action was quick with a lot of productive discussion. Shortly after lunch we agreed on a MOA for a new, three-year contract!!

Congratulations to all our members who participated in the negotiations process –coming to meetings and signing petitions. A huge thank you to all the Committee members who spent their days locked inside a hotel arguing with management!

We will announce the location and date for a ratification vote shortly. At that meeting we will have the entire MOA for review, along with a summary of the contract highlights so people can make an informed vote.

In the meantime, we have membership meetings tomorrow (May16th) in the auditorium. At that meeting we can discuss the particulars of the new contract so folks can get a head start on being prepared to vote.

We hope to see you tomorrow to share the good news!

Local 5091 Negotiations Committee