Local 5142 Member Alert: Update on Accrual Issues, May 31

We have officially filed our grievances on PTO accrual and sick time for arbitration. This means that we will be bring these cases to a neutral arbitrator.

Arbitration is a long process, and while it plays out, we will be continuing to take actions to put pressure on management to settle our grievances. The petition you signed, and your attendance at the last grievance meeting were important steps, and we will now need to escalate our tactics to increase the pressure.

Through this process, management has proven that they care much more about their bottom line than making Salem Medical Center the best hospital it can be. We will have a tough fight going into negotiations next year. Let’s make sure we stand united so we can be prepared to win this grievance as well as an excellent contract in 2020.

United we stand!

Local 5142 Local Executive Board