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Local 5030 Member Alert: Pre-arbitration Settlement

During the 2018 contract negotiations, HPAE Local 5030 was able to negotiate a Coordinated Care Program that was to be implemented on January 1 of this year. Under the Coordinated Care Program, any member who worked with the Coordinated Care Nurse Managers for their diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol would pay $0 for prescriptions. This did not occur.

HPAE Local 5030 and Palisades Medical Center have agreed to settle this issue. The Medical Center is requesting the names of members with these chronic conditions who are seeking copay reimbursements. Once identified and the conditions validated by Horizon, you will be reimbursed those RX copays from 1/1/19 – present.

HMH will be officially launching the program shortly. The program requires team members with chronic conditions to have Horizon direct care by using HMH value based employed providers, using medications on OptumRx’s formulary, and obtaining medications through any of the HMH onsite pharmacies.

The expectation is that these team members will need to qualify for the program by meeting the criteria above in order to receive the incentive going forward.

If you were a union member that did experience out of pocket expense on these 3 RX’s please provide copies to the HR department no later than August 2, 2019, so that you can be reimbursed. If you have any questions, please see one of your union reps.

In solidarity,

Local 5030 Local Executive Board