Contract Negotiations Update: VNA Health Group of NJ, LLC (Essex/Hudson) and VNA of Englewood - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Contract Negotiations Update: VNA Health Group of NJ, LLC (Essex/Hudson) and VNA of Englewood

Contract Negotiations Begin!

Contracts Expire October 31, 1019

We had our opening sessions for contract negotiations with VNA last week. The Essex/Hudson nurses bargained on September 12th and the Englewood nurses bargained on September 13th. Although we have negotiated together in the past, this year management has decided that they will not do so at this time. However our bargaining teams have been meeting together and will coordinate bargaining so all HPAE members at VNA can move forward together.

We presented our opening proposals, including proposals on counting all non-visit activity towards the incentive bonus as well as proposals to modify the visit point values.  We also made a proposal to include successorship language in our contracts. VNA management has said that they would not make any changes to our relationship as unionized worksites with Bayada, but successorship language adds written protection into our contract so that Bayada or another owner that comes along later will honor our contract.

Our next sessions are September 25th for Essex/Hudson and September 27th for Englewood. We expect to receive management’s proposals at these meetings.

Bargaining Team VNA of Englewood: Carolyn Iorio and Trish Mangano

Bargaining Team VNA Health Group of NJ, LLC:  Wislande Fleurissant (B61), Tamara Williams (B61), Donna Bailey (B62), Musafau “Adi” Adenaike (B63), Dwana Waters (B65), Dawn Gibson (B65)