Local 5103 Officer Election Update, September 19 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5103 Officer Election Update, September 19

We are members of the nominations and election committee. We set the rules and oversee the nomination process, the actual election and we investigate if there are protests to the process. The election took place and members had the right to protest the election by September 19, 2019.


In this case, we have received protests that challenge the election of the TECH Co-President. The RN Co-President election and 3 Vice President were not challenged.

We will be investigating the protests and will render a decision as soon as possible.

Since the election of the RN Co-President and 3 Vice Presidents were not challenged, those positions have been certified.

The current officer in TECH Co-President will remain in office until this committee renders its decision.

HPAE LOCAL 5103 NOMINATION/ELECTION COMMITTEE: Nakiesha Townsend nktowns12@gmail.com , Grace Gobey graceobey@gmail.com , Tyra Conde takconde1@aol.com