Tell us your story about COVID-19 at your facility - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Tell us your story about COVID-19 at your facility

As the nation is battling to reduce the spread of COVID-19, HPAE leadership wants to hear  your stories and experiences, so we can better advocate for you and your colleagues in your facility. We are urge you to fill out this form to let us know concerns your are facing on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your stories will vary but feel free to share potential violations or workplace risks that may expose workers and patients to the virus or other harmful substances. These are challenging times and HPAE wants to best address these concerns so you can continue to provide safe patient care.

If you can take a photo or screenshot of any new COVID related guidance at your workplace about the use or reuse of respiratory protection, face masks, face shields, or other PPE, please include them here. Feel free to include any other photo that you think might help others understand what is happening at your facility, keeping in mind your patients’ HIPAA rights.

An HPAE staff person or an officer will contact you if you ask us to follow up with you. Or someone may contact you for additional information to intervene on your behalf with your employer or federal and or state agencies such as OSHA, PEOSHA or NJ DOH. Thank you in advance for keeping HPAE informed.


    My facility is screening every patient or client for potential COVID-19 symptoms.There is a shortage of supplies and I have been advised to reuse my mask or other.I have received proper training to prepare me to provide care for COVID-19 patients.I would like someone from HPAE to contact me to discuss this/these issues.