Protect Those Who Provide Care

Take action! Tell your representative to Protect Those Who Provide Care.

Healthcare workers are on the front line of the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, often going above and beyond the call of duty and making sacrifices that place their own health and safety at risk. Unfortunately, healthcare facilities are not providing the plans, training and PPE’s necessary to keep workers safe. Many workers have been exposed unknowingly and testing is largely unavailable for early detection of exposure unless employees begin to show symptoms. Some employers are insisting employees with potential exposures return to work and wear a mask.  These practices are unsafe.

We are calling on Federal and State Elected Representatives, Regulatory Agencies and Healthcare executives to provide healthcare workers with the resources and protections they need to continue to provide safe care and treatment during these challenging times.

Healthcare Workers Need:

Standardized Comprehensive COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness Plans

Front line caregivers must be provided with clear guidance regarding Covid-19 plans, training and PPE availability. Each healthcare facility in NJ must follow the same mandatory standards to protect staff and patients and to effectively reduce the spread and rate of exposure to COVID-19. Those standards must include consistent and routine communication with staff on training, preparations and policies in response to an evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Standard protocols for early identification, assessment and isolation of patients with symptoms resembling COVID-19 are essential in preventing exposure.

Adequate and Accessible Safety Equipment

Make sure all healthcare workers have access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and that they are properly trained in safety protocols regarding COVID-19. Provide equipment to any worker caring for patients with Covid-19 or patients as yet undiagnosed who are exhibiting similar symptoms.  Ensure all safety equipment is secured and available for all front line caregivers and staff.

Quarantine with Access to Testing

Abide by CDC quarantine guidelines for COVID-19 exposure. Provide COVID-19 testing and for all related medical treatment at no cost to healthcare workers, especially those who may have been exposed.

Paid Time Off for ALL Quarantined Healthcare Workers

Institute a policy of paid time off to ensure every healthcare workers receives pay so they can take time off when identified as having had exposure to COVID-19, so accrued paid time off is not exhausted.  Promote Worker’s Compensation for employees with COVID-19 patient exposures contract the disease.

Accessible Childcare

Enact childcare subsidies or alternative methods of childcare for all healthcare workers. Additional resources that are available must be shared with front line caregivers to assist in finding childcare options and in creating a system to assist workers in finding childcare options.

Hazard Pay and Emergency Stipend

To encourage those who are not currently working in healthcare and have the skills and training to quickly enter the healthcare workforce, we must provide incentives to recruit those workers to address a worker shortage crisis. Institute a hazard pay policy of double time for all healthcare workers working during this crisis until such time as there is no longer an emergency or disaster situation.

Offer an emergency stipend to cover the cost of purchasing basic supplies (such as groceries, medicine, and cleaning products) that will allow healthcare workers and their families to remain as healthy as possible.

Tell your representatives to Protect Those Who Provide Care.