Local 5142 Bargaining Update, April 8, 2020 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5142 Bargaining Update, April 8, 2020

Due to the coronavirus crisis and managements continued stalling, bargaining has been moving at a very slow pace. We’ve been working very hard to ensure that the hospital improves on initial missteps in terms of preparing for this crisis, and this has taken a lot of time away from bargaining. The hospital continues to stall on responding to our economic proposals while threatening our voice as a Union with language that would allow them to challenge the Union status of some of our members. This refusal to recognize your hard work in the middle of a global pandemic with much needed staffing and wage increases to attract new members is an insult to all of us, and we are prepared to take action.

Our next bargaining session will be on April 17th. If we do not make progress at this bargaining session, we have planned members activities that we can immediately put into action to put pressure on the CHA decisionmakers. Look out for announcements about these activities next week, and be ready to take action shortly after then!

Please continue to document any stories or issues as it relates to health and safety at the hospital. We are working hard collectively as a Union to ensure that our members are protected as much as possible during this outbreak, but we need to know what’s happening on the ground. Please record stories using this website: https://www.hpae.org/2020/03/covid-19-story-collector/. And make sure you get in touch with a bargaining committee member with issues as they arise. We will work together to make sure the hospital is as prepared for this crisis as possible.

Despite everything that’s going on, our commitment to each other as nurses and fellow Union members has never wavered, and in fact continues to grow. With you behind us, your bargaining committee is ready to continue to fight until we win a fair contract.

United we stand!

Local 5142 Executive Board