Member Action Alert, April 16, 2020 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Member Action Alert, April 16, 2020

We are continuing to fight to ensure healthcare workers have the resources and protections they need to continue to provide safe care and treatment during these unprecedented times. Members can take action to protect our coworkers and patients. These are protected activities under the National Labor Relations Act. It is illegal for the employer to retaliate against us for engaging in collective activity for health and safety on the job. Therefore we demand the following:

  • Bring Back Adam Witt, Local 5058 Union President and end retaliatory disciplines of all frontline workers
  • Appropriate and Accessible PPE and Safety Equipment
  • Accessible and Timely Covid Testing
  • Paid Time Off for ALL Quarantined Healthcare Workers
  • Accessible Childcare
  • Hazard Pay on All Hours Worked
  • Fix the PTO that was Audited During a Pandemic

At Work

  • Wear your Union buttons and stickers.
  • Demand proper PPE at the start of your shift. We have included an FAQ that can be used to notify your manager of you and your co-workers’ rights at the start of a shift.
  • Document everything: use a log to track your exposures, floating, extra shifts, improper PPE or anything else that has you concerned.
  • Protect yourself when you take an ASSIGNMENT DESPITE OBJECTION. Tell the manager and fill out the attached form. Send us a photo of the form.
  • If you intend to refuse to take an assignment because of health and safety concerns, we advise you call the union office to discuss your rights and obligations.


Resources available to you through HPAE