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Member Update on OSHA Complaints and Hazard Pay

OSHA Complaints
Feb 2020: Due to continued unsafe conditions, and a violent assault by a patient, in Behavioral Health and Detox, our union filed an OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) complaint. The result was a “hazard alert letter” issued by OSHA. Management has until today (June 18th) to respond in writing.

June 2020: Our union has recently filed a separate complaint regarding unsafe conditions both during the COVID 19 surge and that are ongoing.

For instance, fit testing for masks/respirators that were new to employees did not happen, and is not happening on an ongoing basis. This is contrary to OSHA’s standard. We have alleged other unsafe conditions including:

  • “The employer did not provide training on donning, doffing, proper care, maintenance and useful life for personal protective equipment such as,but not limited to, gowns and face shields. Employees are required to reuse this personal protective equipment.”
  • “The employer did not record illness of employees who contracted Covid-19 and experienced lost work days and medical treatment on the OSHA300 Log.”
  • “Employees were not provided training on the hazards of cleaning chemicals used to decontaminate their personal protective equipment such as, but not limited to, gowns and face shields.”

Anyone that speaks to an OSHA investigator can do so confidentially. If you would like to speak to OSHA please contact HPAE Staff Representative Joel Brooks at or 917-618-4028

Link to OSHA Hazard Alert Letter

Link to current OSHA complaint

Hazard Pay

Local union leaders held a conference call with a local elected official who stands with us in our fight to secure hazard pay. Updates to follow.

In solidarity,

Nicole Mankowski, RN, President HPAE Local 5186