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Update on Critical Shift Pay for Extra Shifts

Saturday afternoon the union was able to negotiate CNA’s into the critical shift pay for extra shifts added.

Eligible members will receive the following amounts as incentive pay above the eligible member’s calculated rate for the extra shifts worked as part of this agreement:

  • Registered Nurses $35/hr
  • Registered Respiratory Therapists $30/hr PCT’s $12.50/hr CNA’s $10/hr

If it is determined and it becomes operationally necessary on a unit specific basis to flex up staffing in order to accommodate due to persistent extraordinary  increase in admissions or unexpected staffing crisis the critical shift pay bonus will kick in based on the following factors:

  • The unit has an MLOA/vacancy rate greater than 20% 2. The unit has an extraordinary increase in patients 3. Alternate Care Sites are overflow areas which open due to increase 4. Every attempt is made to cover the Alternate Care Site with float staff

This is due to the 2nd wave of Pandemic.

The local union leadership was able to work with our CNO and HR Director to make it happen.  Thanks for staying united and strong.

The Union will continue to pursue Hazard Pay for everyone, as we did in the spring, as we face this 2nd wave.  Stay safe and thanks again for what you do to make your local union strong.

Download the MOA here.

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