Local 5097 Member Bargaining Update, April 15 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5097 Member Bargaining Update, April 15

We finished our 2nd day of negotiations today, April 15 and we are confirming additional dates. We met twice thus far and have presented all non- economic and economic proposals. Harborage-HMH has not presented any proposals at this time.

The proposals we presented today were based off the surveys that all members filled out in December and we appreciate your input. Below is a list of the proposals:

  1. Across the Board raises for each year of the contract, Hero’s Pay, Labor Market rate adjustments based on seniority and an increase in Preceptor pay.
  2. PTO payout of 50% each year for unused PTO
  3. Increase to tuition reimbursement.
  4. Better Health and Safety Language
  5. Retirement bonus of $500 for each year of the agreement
  6. Better staffing language and an addition 20 CNA’s and 5 Rec. Aides
  7. New language on Pandemic and Preparedness and Review Committee
  8. A new Transition and Oversight Committee to address issues when it comes to errors in pay, PTO, ESL and Hartford.
  9. Ratios passed by the NJ Legislature for CNA’s

Harborage-HMH responded to our proposal with a counter on our Pandemic Proposal and rejected our staffing proposal saying they are fully staffed. The Union argued that is not the case and we need the staffing ratios in the contract as outlined by the NJ Legislature last year. Harborage-HMH also put all our economic proposal on hold until they can finish a financial analysis. The Union made the point that HMH had received over $558 million from the Federal Government during the pandemic and that our members deserve more pay. We have put our lives on the line to care for our residents over the last year. We expect Harborage-HMH to work with us to address the health and safety, staffing and wage improvements that are needed at our facility.

We will continue to send updates via text, email, and newsletter. Please stay alert for upcoming messages. We need everyone’s support to achieve a good contract. Get involved by attending the meetings, share updates with your co-workers and make sure you sign the Health and Safety and Hero Pay petition. We also need CAT Team members to help during negotiations. If you are interested, please contact us.

In solidarity,

Local 5097 Negotiations Team
Sandra White, President
Sharon Hodge, Vice-President
Sharlene Grant, Secretary/Treasurer