HPAE Local 5094 Rowan Update, May 12 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE Local 5094 Rowan Update, May 12

We held a joint meeting with Rowan administration and CWA last week on Friday to discuss plans to reopen the campus and wanted to give you some updates from that meeting.

Rowan SOM will begin a phased return to campus plan beginning July 1, 2021, that will go through September 2021. We were able to discuss with administration our concerns regarding a return to campus and began a discussion on how to complete this process safely for everyone.

Rowan SOM stressed their desire to have this process run smoothly and stated they are currently looking at rosters that will determine how to complete this process. The approach is being looked at for consistency across the campus as they weigh the need of onsite work and flexibility to continue telecommute. Rowan SOM also stated they are looking at which departments can continue to function on a remote schedule and/or a hybrid schedule of work.

During this process, we understand there will be the need for some to continue with remote work for a number of different reasons. Please let us know if your department has informed you that you will need to return to campus. Each department will make their own decisions within their own department pending review and not through a universal mandate.

Should you need to remain in a remote capacity for a medical/religious reason, you should submit a formal request with Rowan HR. If you need to remain in a remote capacity for childcare or other non-medical or religious reasons, please reach out to your local representative or our Staff Representative Christine Munck. We will assist you in having that request processed with HR outside of the traditional accommodations process.

For those who have a concern about returning to work due to a family member’s health condition, you should follow the procedures to file for FMLA to care for that family member’s medical condition.

For those returning to campus, there have been some concerns regarding distancing, sanitation, and continued COVID safety practices. Rowan SOM has stated they will be holding another townhall session and sending emails regarding continued safety on campus. We discussed the need for space to be socially distanced and permanency to prevent “hoteling” for those who would move from space to space when on campus. We were informed that the bathrooms are cleaned twice daily. We expressed concern for those who would return to cubicle settings and Rowan SOM is looking at alternate workspaces and working with departments to make sure the people are safe while on campus.

The vaccination site will be moving to the Rowan Medicine building allowing for Top Docs and the gym to reopen. Masks and social distancing will be in effect for those on campus, but you will be permitted to remove your mask while outside on campus and practicing social distancing as well as when you are in a closed-door office.

If you have any questions about returning to campus that have not been addressed in this update, please reach out to your onsite rep or Christine Munck to address these concerns. We will provide more information once we have an update from administration.

In Solidarity,
Deborah Cruz

Rowan Chair, HPAE Local 5094