Local 5118 HPAE Convention Delegate Announcement - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5118 HPAE Convention Delegate Announcement

The Nominations/Election Committee announces that the following members will serve as delegates for HPAE Local 5118 at this year’s HPAE State Convention.  This year’s convention will be held  virtually, October 6 & 7, 2021.  Members who are not delegates are still welcome and encouraged to attend the convention. To register and for additional information, please visit the HPAE convention website.

  • Karen Kimbrough
  • Anna McCausland
  • Patricia Budic
  • Carolyn Ali
  • Daniel Dangle
  • Doris Bell
  • Gina Elisa Brouster
  • Edward Fenn
  • Patricia Hoffman
  • Jacqueline Franchetti
  • Janine Cosico
  • Patti Ann Scharff
  • James Albert Scharff
  • Jamie Healy
  • Lauren Kelly
  • Lisa Larson
  • Lorri Van Triesle
  • Phyllis Frances Mazzullo
  • Tammy Beringer
  • Vincent Joseph Cucunato

HPAE LOCAL 5118 NOMINATIONS/ELECTION COMMITTEE: Lauren Kelly, Jamie Healy and Jeffrey David Ball, jball@hpae.org  (HPAE Staff Representative)