ARC National Bargaining Update (November 9 - November 11) - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

ARC National Bargaining Update (November 9 – November 11)

WEEK 11/9-11/11

Article 7 Hours of Work

The company refused to negotiate on a guarantee of hours at a national level. They want to keep this at a local level. Where they continue to try to take that away as well.

Article 9. Staffing

Cross training language, the company was asked to come back with more in depth clear language on this Thursday. This did not happen.

Article. 14 Overtime and Premium Pay

ARC rejects our proposal to pay overtime on hours worked after 8 hours per day, and to keep it at the weekly 40 hours.

Article 15, Holidays

ARC refuses to add Martin Luther King Day and Veterans Day as a paid holiday, after all our Veterans have done for our country, why doesn’t ARC, a humanitarian organization, recognize Veterans Day as a holiday? On 11/11 Veterans Day we made a proposal in favor of Veterans. An easy way to show respect to the staff that have served this country…. Now we wait. We made no forward motion on holiday pay.

Article 21. Retirement Plan

ARC chooses not to invest in their union staff for the 401K program. They stated it would be too expensive to participate in this. If they were to invest “more” in every union member, then they would have to invest in all employees and they can’t afford that.

Emergency Volunteer / Temporary Staffing

Wednesday morning, we will get a presentation from Kelly High on ARC’s new “Emergency Volunteer / Temporary Staffing”. –UPDATE: The company is under sourced by 500+ staff. They are looking for alternate sourcing to reach Mission fulfillment. OJI’s will be “asked” to train these staff to do certain tasks. Hiring through a Temp Agency in order to fill the shortage that the company is in. Caused by Low Wages, Vaccine Mandate and poor work environment.


How many employees’ kids are on State Insurance because of how little they are paid?!?! How many go without the care they need because they cannot afford it?

They need us. More than ever. They can’t hire, they can’t even keep the staff they have. Yet they CHOOSE to not respect us. We have NO interest in gutting our healthcare during a pandemic.