Local 5089 Bargaining Update, February 18, 2022 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5089 Bargaining Update, February 18, 2022

HPAE continues to meet with management in an attempt to reach an agreement for a new contract which expired September 30, 2021. We’ve had several lengthy discussions around the creation of a form that would allow members to report staffing issues to both the Union and management in real time. HPAE explained that an electronic version of the form will allow both parties to retrieve and analyze data quickly while enabling us to address staffing trends as they are identified in a timely manner.

There were also discussions related to the Hospital’s proposal to change the amount of bereavement leave for immediate family members from 3 consecutive working days to 24 hours. HPAE rejected this proposal as it will take a day away from members working 12-hour shifts when they are the most vulnerable such as the death of an immediate family member.

HPAE presented our economic package on February 15th, which included a 5% across the board increase as well as a step movement for eligible staff nurses and CRNAs. In addition, we asked for a 5% across the board for the Case Managers, Utilization Review Managers, Nurse Clinicians and APNs. Management countered with an opening proposal of 1.5% across the board increase with a step increase for eligible staff nurses and CRNAs. Management also responded that a  5% across the board increase is unachievable. It is our position that the Hospital must remember their front-line staff that made sure every patient received safe, quality care throughout the various stages of this pandemic and should be compensated as such. We also reminded management that inflation is up 7.5% and we are in the midst of a nation-wide staffing crisis that is making it more challenging everyday to provide care since we are having a hard time retaining staff.

HPAE returns to the negotiation table on Monday February 21st and will provide any updates as they develop.  As always, If you would like more information on how you can participate or any other issue, please contact your local union rep or email dbaker@hpae.org for assistance.

In Unity,

HPAE Negotiations Committee
Banita Herndon, Cynthia Baez-Lugo, Wendy Bobcombe, Wanda Caudle, Joselino Ulanday, Dara Skinner