HPAE Local 5091 Negotiations Update, April 12, 2022 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE Local 5091 Negotiations Update, April 12, 2022

We met for our first bargaining session with Bergen New Bridge on April 4th in person. Deb Visconi, President and CEO, attended for the opening statements. Overall, the tone was respectful and cordial.

We presented our initial proposals.

Included in these proposals are changes to the scheduling process to reduce agency use and to create a system for fair and consistent holiday scheduling; options for nurses to work 12 hour shifts in LTC and Behavioral Health and Nurse Practitioners and Pharmacists to work 10-hour shifts; the ability for members to donate sick time to fellow members; bereavement leave to be approved within 24 hours; and a pharmacy IT position to coordinate between the pharmacy and IT.

We did not present our major economic package to management but will do so at our upcoming bargaining sessions.

Next bargaining sessions: April 18 or 20, 22 and 27th.

Union Bargaining Team: Jeffrey Peck, Local President (RN, A-2 Nights); Corinne Albrecht, VP Non-Nursing Professionals (Rec Therapy); Nancy Bazile, VP Nursing (Nurse Practitioner); Faith Mazuru, Secretary/Treasurer (RN, Float pool); Bob Davis, Grievance Chair (CADC); Margaret Merchant, Membership Mobilization Coordinator (RN LTC); Christina Bader, (RN LTC); Lois Bowen, (Pharmacist); Cliff Ogilvie, (RN ED); Ana Aguilar, (RN Acute) and Jason Peter (Physical Therapist)