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Local 5105 leaders want to hear from YOU!

Virtua is desperate to attract new nurses! It’s no wonder, with record-high RN vacancies throughout the hospital and a shrinking number of nurses willing to work short-staffed at the bedside.

We need to hear from you. Fill out the survey below to let us know if you would transfer to a hard-to-fill unit for a bonus.


In May, before we even saw our raise in our paychecks, the Union leaders discovered bargaining unit RN jobs posted with a 7500$ sign-on bonus for MED/SURG, PCU night shifts, and ER mid-shift and night shift. (Thanks to attentive members for alerting us). After investigating the situation, the employer stated that they had already given the Union notification of a possible sign-on bonus back in October of 2021. They did not give us notice. We view this as an attempt to circumvent our contract and their obligation to bargain over wages and benefits for all RN’s in our Union working at Virtua, including new hires.

We put in a demand to bargain. We held one bargaining session on June 7th. We believe the employer needed to offer these positions to internal bargaining union members with an incentive before offering them to outside applicants. We are ready to meet with management again.

Please make sure you fill out the survey!! More to come on this issue!

In Solidarity

Sheryl Mount, President, HPAE Local 5105