Union Continues Fighting for Wage Increases - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Union Continues Fighting for Wage Increases

Over the past several months, we on the LEB and the union staff have been advocating for increased pay for all of our members. While we have yet to be able to convince management that everyone needs and deserves a rate increase given the rate of inflation we are all suffering through, they have been responding piecemeal and increasing rates of pay where they are having the most difficulty in recruiting and retaining staff.

The latest rate adjustment that occurred as a result of our persistent advocating was an additional $1.86/hr – $2.65/hr added to the rates of many members of our service unit. This is an excellent step forward for these folks who not only worked through the pandemic risking their lives but are now dealing with record high inflation and price increases in our daily lives making living in the NYC/NJ area even more difficult than before.

Other rate adjustments that we have successfully gotten for our union members have included Central Supply Techs, Nuclear Med Techs and Telemetry Techs.

Please know that we continue to advocate for increasing rates consistently and vehemently for ALL our members and particularly for those whose rates have not seen any adjustments – most notably RN’s and X-ray Techs. We intend to continue fighting for you until we achieve them.

We on the LEB and staff at the union want to thank all of you who have and continue to support our local officers and reps who have worked and will continue to work on your behalf to improve pay rates and insure fair work processes

Local 5147 LEB