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Rutgers Raises for Coaches Only?

In this update get the HPAE February Bargaining Snapshot and focus on the issues that matter to you most. Plan ahead to join the February 8 HPAE Contract Action Team meetings, February 9&10 Barnabas Updates , and the Coalition of Rutgers Unions Day of Action on February 28. Put your pre-order in for the HPAE 5089 Nurses Day Gift and share the community support petition for all Rutgers Alumni.

Seeing record setting contracts for athletics coaches sail through as Rutgers drags out HPAE negotiations shows the need for the power of the collective in the process. Get involved now and enjoy the benefits of our collective efforts for years to come.

The Nurses HPAE 5089 Bargaining Snapshot – Focus on the Issues

Click to see the latest bargaining snapshot to frame where the Union’s and employer’s proposals are on membership identified priorities. Every action you take now and in the coming weeks to support your contract campaign will directly affect how strong the contract we agree to will be. Support the team at the table. Talk with coworkers about the issues that matter to you most and what coworkers can do to show support.

Show up to the February 28 Day of Action in person or through coordinated demonstrations of solidarity and lend your power to the fight for a strong contract for all. Not sure where to begin? Connect with an HPAE Rep, HPAE Staff Rep or Organizer and get the support you need.

Bargaining Update: Negotiations Sessions were held on Jan 4, 12, 23 and Feb 6, 2023


  • Jan 4: Our union made a counterproposal on wages:
  • July 1, 2022 – 6.5% and a step
  • July 1, 2023 – 6% and a step
  • July 1, 2024 – 6% and a step; July 1, 2025 – 6% and a step. We also made a proposal for extra time worked by salaried (not hourly) APNs.

Management made their initial proposal on CRNA wages. They did not include raises beyond experience-based step movements but did introduce the concept of retention and sign on bonuses for CRNAs.

Jan 23: We used this session to dig into the CRNA wage proposal made by management in the previous session. We ascertained that in Rutgers’ proposal there were no wage increases beyond step movements, a provision that tied bonuses to evaluations, and the bonuses would be paid on a delay for almost a year and a half for current staff.

Management pressed us on a response to this proposal, but we stated we need to meet with CRNA staff to discuss this.

Feb 6: Our union presented a counterproposal on CRNA wages. We agree that a sign-on and retention bonus are necessary to recruit and retain CRNAs at Rutgers. We rejected the “clawback” component for incumbent CRNAs, as we feel it is pay for time worked.

Management presented counterproposals on the items we presented on Nov 30, 2022. These included weekend differentials for corrections nurses (an improvement), changes to the way vacation is scheduled, changes to the way holidays are paid and changes to language regarding paycheck errors. While we do not agree with everything Rutgers put forward yesterday, we were pleased to see some work done on their end to respond to our proposals.

Other key items:

APN Per Diems: recently became covered by our union, with wage increases retroactive to Sept 1, 2022. However, management has not paid shift differentials yet. On Feb 7, Rutgers said these would be paid retroactively and going forward no later than the end of February.

Douglas Developmental Disabilities Center Nurses: two RNs working at this school are now covered by HPAE. They face significant safety issues at work, and we are bargaining to have them incorporated into our contract.

Diem Nurse Clinicians and Research Nurse Clinicians:
are awaiting information on how many nurses are in these job titles.

As a reminder, management
made an initial wage proposal on November 3 offering approximately 2% per year
for each job title in our nursing negotiations unit. Rutgers did not propose a
retroactive pay increase to July 1, 2022. That is a critical part of our
Union’s current proposal.

Our next virtual session is on February 22nd at 1:00 pm. Click here for the HPAE 5089 Nurses February Bargaining Snapshot.

Put Planning into Action – Join the 2/8 Contract Action Team Meetings

Join the Contract Action Team (CAT) on February 8th at 12pm and 6:30pm. This committee builds the campaign plan and keeps coworkers informed and involved in our fight for a strong contract, directly impacting the results of the negotiations.

The CAT is an open committee to all members who want to support the success of the upcoming day of action and other union building efforts. Join either session through this link.

Barnabas Negotiations Update

Last week our Union met with Rutgers HR to continue negotiations over how the affiliation with RWJ Barnabas Health affects our members. To ensure everyone has the up-to-date facts, we are holding two informational meetings to review the negotiations thus far and allow members to ask questions.

Register in advance for one of these meetings (please do so at least 1 hour before the meeting so we will have time to approve your registration and ensure you will be able to attend). After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Please note that in order to attend, you must be a member in good standing. If you are not yet a member or are unsure of your membership status, sign up here:
Click to Join HPAE Local 5089.

Union Drop In Hours on February 15 12-2pm!

Drop in and talk union. Meet with coworkers on the bargaining and contract action teams to talk about negotiations, our campaign for a strong contract, union life or an experience you are having at work and would like support.

In Piscataway at Woody’s Café – Kessler Building RWJ Med School 675 Hoes Lane West, Piscataway 12-2pm

In Newark – Medical Science Building – Room B619 185 South Orange Ave, Newark 12-2 pm

Support the February 28 Coalition Day of Action!

We call on all members to join this call to action. Plan ahead if you can participate in person and consider taking time off to attend as all unions at Rutgers rally for strong contracts at the Rutgers Newark Board of Governors meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 28th at the Paul Robeson Campus Center. If you plan to attend, are interested in being a speaker at the action, or need a ride to the action, reach out to a rep. Let the team know they can Count You In through this link, because this contract will not win itself!

Pre-Order Your HPAE Nurses Day Gift!

The Local 5089 Executive Board invites you to pre-order your Nurses’ Day gift in an effort to ensure receipt in this year’s celebration. Fill out the form linked here completely and submit to ensure that your order is received. Orders will be accepted starting Wednesday, February 1st and ends Wednesday, March 15th. Please be advised that you must be a member in good standing in order to receive your gift.

In Solidarity,

HPAE 5089 Nurses
Negotiations Committee
– Sabrina Brown-Oliver, Jennifer Lerner, Dawn Yuhas, Khooshbu Patel, Arlene Cruz, Yuk Wong, Marilyn Mundy, Sri Kota, Joe Bentivegna, Marsha Lauriano, Lucia Otti, Francine Pasch, Tara Andino, Joan Santner, Donna Nelson-Henry, Susan Bauer