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Rutgers Raises for Coaches Only?

This update comes following HPAE bargaining on February 2, the 18th in our Union’s negotiations with Rutgers University. We Deserve a Long Overdue Raise! Rutgers, Stop the Delay!

Our team is united to win a strong contract including a real raise without delay for all members and to protect our collective health and safety throughout the process.

The Rutgers February 2nd proposal about your access to negotiations, again did not reflect significant movement regarding membership participation. It included a proposed return to pre-pandemic in-person negotiations sessions without safety considerations and aiming to make accessing negotiations more difficult for membership, further delaying bargaining. Why is Rutgers so worried about members seeing and hearing what they are offering? Why are they using it to delay our long overdue raises?

Our Union presented a counter proposal that we believe will move our negotiations forward demonstrating the team’s commitment to swift settlement and the safety of the negotiations team and all member participants in bargaining and at work.

Seeing record setting contracts for athletics coaches sail through as Rutgers drags out HPAE negotiations shows the need for the power of the collective in the process.

Open bargaining, granting members access to witness negotiations, is proven to be a valuable tool in achieving remarkable contract victories. And unless you are a celebrity athletic coach, to get a fair deal from Rutgers University, it takes everyone being involved.

Join the Union’s Caucus on February 16 beginning at 9am when we next return to negotiations to present the union’s position on wages. It is your paycheck that will be affected, now is the time to lend your support.

Put Planning into Action – Join the 2/8 Contract Action Team Meetings

Join the Contract Action Team (CAT) on February 8th at 12pm and 6:30pm. This committee builds the campaign plan and keeps coworkers informed and involved in our fight for a strong contract, directly impacting the results of the negotiations.

The CAT is an open committee to all members who want to support the success of the upcoming day of action and other union building efforts. Join either session through this link.

Barnabas Negotiations Update

Last week our Union met with Rutgers HR to continue negotiations over how the affiliation with RWJ Barnabas Health affects our members. To ensure everyone has the up-to-date facts, we are holding two informational meetings to review the negotiations thus far and allow members to ask questions.

Register in advance for one of these meetings (please do so at least 1 hour before the meeting so we will have time to approve your registration and ensure you will be able to attend). After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Thursday, February 9, 2023 at 6:30-7:30pm registration

Friday, February 10, 2023 at 12-1pm registration

Please note that in order to attend, you must be a member in good standing. If you are not yet a member or are unsure of your membership status, sign up here:

Click to Join HPAE Local 5094

We Deserve a Real Raise! Join February 16 at 9am HPAE Bargaining Caucus

Join the team as we next return to the table on February 16. The Union’s Caucus is open to all membership and will be an important one to make time to attend as we finalize and look to present our position on wages on a long-overdue raise.

You should not be on work time during your attendance at the session. We are asking for a commitment of up to 1 hour (whatever your lunch/break times are) to show Rutgers we stand behind our committee in solidarity. You can use either your personal or Rutgers device to log into the sessions.

Support the February 28 Coalition Day of Action!

We call on all members to join this call to action. Plan ahead if you can participate in person and consider taking time off to attend as all unions at Rutgers rally for strong contracts at the Rutgers Newark Board of Governors meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 28th at the
Paul Robeson Campus Center
. If you plan to attend, are interested in being a speaker at the action, or need a ride to the action, reach out to a rep and complete the registration form to say, Count Me In, because this contract will not win itself!

In touch with any Rutgers Alumni? Are You Rutgers Alumni?

The Coalition of Rutgers Unions just opened a community support petition for Rutgers Alum to stand in support of all those striving for fair contract with Rutgers. Lots coming up in the next several weeks. Share this with those you know who call Rutgers their alma mater. If you are an alum yourself, sign in support.

In Solidarity,

HPAE 5094 Negotiations Committee – Justin O’Hea, Ryan Novosielski, Ana Delgado, Fatima
Meadows, Jennifer Hunt, Kerry Butch, Christina Rozario, Dana LaClair, Charles
Jackson, Saleena Ghanny, Susan Fenker, Robin Covington, and Mayra Barreto