Reaching for the stars: We just had our first negotiation session with Rowan University! - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Reaching for the stars: We just had our first negotiation session with Rowan University!

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On Friday, June 2nd, we had our first negotiation session with Rowan University SOM and the state of New Jersey. We came out of the gate running with bold proposals – as we put it to management, we’re “reaching for the stars” with proposals that we feel honor and reward our dedication to the institution throughout the long years of the pandemic. We passed our non-economic proposals across the table, including:

  • Requiring that all internal candidates who apply to open positions within our bargaining unit and meet basic job requirements get an interview;
  • Improving reassignment language to allow for reassignments to be grieved, as well as requiring management to justify the reason for, the timeframe of, and the duties contained in the reassignment;
  • Adding professional per diems to our bargaining unit, since they are doing the same work as us;
  • Strengthening and expanding bumping and vacancy rights for all of us, with specific proposals for researchers and employees close to their pension vesting milestones
  • Improving the process for health and safety issues, including at satellite locations;
  • Strengthening our subcontracting language to ensure that Rowan SOM will not enter into any agreements that result in the loss of jobs in our bargaining unit;
  • Strengthening our successorship language to ensure that our contract would carry over if Rowan SOM is sold to a new employer.

Management did not have any counters for us on Friday but they asked a number of questions. They will be reviewing our proposals and we expect their responses at our next session (dates to be confirmed).

Because we know that we are proposing more substantial proposals than in previous years, we need the support of ALL OF YOU! There is strength in numbers and the more participation we have from members, the more we will achieve. If you are looking to get involved, please reach out to Luis Correa at


In unity there is strength,

Luis Correa, Senior Revenue Cycle Analyst, Finance Decision Support and Revenue Cycle
Frances Harvey, Grants & Contract Analyst III, Financial Services
Joanie Page, Reimbursement/Budget Analyst, Managed Care
Cheryl Riddick, Management Assistant, Department of Psychiatry