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Understaffing is driving our healthcare system to the brink of collapse. That is why HPAE, New Jersey’s largest union of healthcare workers, is pushing the state legislature to pass a law in Trenton mandating enforceable staffing ratios.

The problem is clear – frontline healthcare workers continue to migrate out of bedside nursing at an alarming rate because of untenable working conditions. Driven in large part by working shorthanded, this unsafe work environment has led to tremendous burnout in the profession as many more leave healthcare due to stress. And when healthcare workers suffer – the unavoidable result is patient care suffers.

Too often nurses in NJ are working short-staffed, a problem that has existed for decades, but has now hit a point where our entire healthcare system is in a state of crisis. In study after study, short staffing has been shown to compromise patient care and safety, as well as nurse safety. Every healthcare worker and every patient are feeling the pain of short staffing, while healthcare executives continue to profit.

Read HPAE’s latest position paper CODE RED: Understaffed. Overworked. Unsafe for Everyone.

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