Senate Tax Plan Cuts Healthcare to Pay for Corporate Tax Reductions….and Other HPAE News

November 16, 2017

Senate Tax Plan Cuts Healthcare to Pay for Corporate Tax Reductions

A proposed “tax reform” bill introduced by Republicans in the U.S. Senate provides corporations with permanent tax reductions, which will be paid by cuts to healthcare programs and the elimination of some current tax deductions, including deductions for state and local taxes. The AFL-CIO estimates that the bill will give 50% of its tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy, while raising taxes for 25% of working families.

Call your Senator to reject a tax bill that hurts working people.

Cooper Nurse Joan Davis Recounts Her Experiences as a Volunteer in Puerto Rico

Local 5118 member Joan Davis (4th from left in the photo) answered the call of the AFL-CIO for volunteers to go to Puerto Rico to help our fellow American citizens of that island recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. Joan spent two weeks on the island, providing essential care.

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Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment Is Here – Ends on Dec 15th!

As healthcare professionals and union members we are acutely aware of the need for health insurance coverage. The ACA marketplace is now open and we urge HPAE members to spread the word to ensure that those who need coverage know they can enroll. Millions of Americans count on for quality, affordable health insurance.

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This Week in Labor History: The Execution of Joe Hill, Labor Organizer

Joe Hill, Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) labor leader and songwriter, executed in Utah on what many believe was a framed charge of murder. Before he died he declared: “Don’t waste any time mourning. Organize.” – November 19, 1915

Read about other important struggles and events in U.S. labor history which occurred from November 13 to November 19, provided by Union Communication Services (UCS).

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