What Do You Want Phil Murphy To Do About Healthcare?….and Other HPAE News

November 30, 2017

President Twomey Needs Your Input

HPAE President Ann Twomey was asked by Governor-Elect Murphy to serve on his Health Transition Team to help formulate the healthcare agenda for the new administration. To assist Ann in presenting our union’s key issues, we are asking HPAE members to fill out a brief survey and identify your healthcare priorities.

Click here to do the survey by the December 6th deadline.

HPAE Calls for Increased Security at UH after Nurse Is Stabbed

HPAE members and leaders held a vigil in front of University Hospital in Newark on Tuesday night in response to the stabbing of a nurse in the employee parking lot. HPAE Vice President Bernie Gerard (photo above) called for more security and improved health and safety at the hospital, noting that “everyone who is a patient and everyone who works at the hospital should feel safe.”

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Nominate Carey Brown to the PERS Board to Trustees

The Public Employee Committee of the NJ State AFL-CIO, which includes HPAE, unanimously voted to endorse CWA 1037 Shop Steward Carey Brown for re-election as the State Representative on the Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) Board of Trustees. Carey is a career public worker who has been a member of the PERS system for 18 years and has played a key role in protecting the rights of public employees in the state pension system. We urge HPAE members who are in the PERS system to nominate Carey for a board position.

Click here to nominate Carey Brown to the PERS Board of Trustees.

Training on Contract Negotiations Held at Rutgers Labor Education Center

Local officers and HPAE staff attended a training Tuesday on Contract Campaigns and Negotiations at the Labor Education Center at Rutgers University. The purpose of the training was to provide the officers and staff with the tools and resources to become more effective negotiators and to develop strong contract campaigns.

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This Week in Labor History: Middletown, NJ Teachers on Strike Arrested

Arrests began today in Middletown, N.J., of teachers striking in violation of a no-strike court injunction. Ultimately 228 educators were jailed for up to seven days before they were released following the Middletown Township Education Association’s agreement to take the dispute to mediation – December 3, 2001

Read about other important struggles and events in U.S. labor history which occurred from November 27 to December 3, provided by Union Communication Services (UCS).

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