AFT COVID-19 Grief Counseling - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

AFT COVID-19 Grief Counseling

In response to the world-wide pandemic we are facing, the AFT is providing Grief Counseling at no cost to you. All members, active and retired, and eligible immediate family members will have the opportunity to speak with a licensed, Master’s level counselor if a death occurs in the immediate family as the result of COVID-19. The AFT will pay covered counseling expenses1 for the insured and/or immediate family members. During the time in which the AFT is providing this benefit you have the opportunity to speak with one of our dedicated counselors via video, phone, or text.

This 2 hours of grief counseling is for members who have had an immediate family member die of Covid 19 OR for the immediate family of a member who has died from Covid 19.